Wake Up Call

13 D-Rated Restaurants in June in Metro Phoenix

Although not all restaurants participate in voluntary health grading from the county, a look into last month's reports does give a pretty good picture of the compliance of local restaurants. While the vast majority scored A and B grades that participated, thirteen spots across the Valley were given D grades. Most of these spots became compliant to environmental health standards during the visit, but others will still need to clean up their act a bit before the health inspector makes another visit.

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Maizie's Cafe and Bistro, Phoenix From the report: "Food accumulation on walls in kitchen area. Dust heavily collected on ceiling and sides of vent hoods. Grease buildup in vent hoods."

Taqueria El Vaporcito, Phoenix From the report: "An accumulation of organic matter was observed encrusted to meat slicer, behind blade. Person in charge indicated that meat slicer was last used over 4 hours prior to inspection."

Claim Jumper, Phoenix From the report: "Cooks continually wipe gloved hands on soiled aprons and continue to work with food."

Baskin Robbins, Chandler From the report: "Observed employee icing cake and bare handed sprinkles they were placing on cake. Sprinkles are ready to eat foods and shall not be handled with bare hands."

La Estrella Carniceria Y Panaderia, Mesa From the report: "***THIS IS 2ND CONSECUTIVE VIOLATION!*** Owner and PIC does not demonstrate sufficient knowledge to operate food establishment properly, and without continually putting customers at risk..."

Jobot, Phoenix From the report: "Observed several customers came into the establishment with dogs and sitting at the coffee counter."

The Perch, Chandler From the report: "Observed partially cooked burgers in walk in."

Tailgaters Sports Grill, Litchfield Park From the report: " A rack of clean dishes across from the dishwasher was observed with visible food debris still on the surfaces."

Great Wall Buffet III, Phoenix From the report: "observed a metal pan of cooked chicken wings stored in a pan of raw chicken wings and under a pan of raw fish"

Barro's Pizza, Mesa From the report: "Observed pizza sauce and boxes of vegetables stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler at the time of the inspection."

Shanghai Club, Anthem From the report: "Several trays containing egg rolls, cooked battered chicken, and cooked battered shrimp made 2 days ago are holding in the cooler between 46-49 degrees."

La Salsita, Phoenix From the report: "Microwave above lift-top refrigerator found soiled with melted and cooked/hardened food debris; on the inside bottom of unit (the rotating glass plate), and on inside walls and roof."

Birria Estilo Michoacan, Phoenix From the report: "Raw carne asada was found on the shelf above open container of cabbage and raw fish in first reach in cooler along wall."

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