How to Make Your Shamrock Shake Sweeter, in "Just Desserts"

In the end, we get what's coming to us. Let's hope it's sweet.

Since 1970, McDonald's has been celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the Shamrock Shake. Available at select locations, this seasonal, mint-flavored green goody has inspired a frenzied following of shake shaggers to hunt down the frozen treat year after year (check out for the latest sightings).

Sadly, the Shamrock Shake's luck may be running out when it comes to taste. This year, it's less minty, too vanilla-y and some locations are even topping it off with whipped cream and a cherry, then dumping the whole concoction in a McCafe cup. Shame on you, McDonald's. What would Uncle O'Grimacey have to say about this?

Thankfully, there's a solution to keep Irish eyes (and taste buds) a-smilin' when it comes to keeping the green dream of the Shamrock Shake alive, and it's just two little words.

Hot. Fudge.

That's right. Ask for hot fudge in your next Shamrock Shake, then give it a few good straw-stirs. The gooey chocolate complements this year's not-so-minty flavor, occasionally gets stuck in the straw for a sweet suck break, and globs are left at the bottom for an unexpected scoop-fest swan song.

The price you'll pay for the shake step-up? Twenty cents. Not too shabby to keep your Shamrock Shake shakin'. But why stop at a quick fix? Let McDonald's know what you think about this year's Shamrock Shake by calling their customer service hot-line at 1-800-244-6227. Tell them Uncle O'Grimacey sent you.