Guilty Pleasures

Burger King's New Rib Sandwich: Move Over, McRib

The Guilty Pleasure: Boneless Rib Sandwich Where To Get It: Burger King, locations Valleywide The Price: $6 and up as a combo. What It Really Costs: As always with fast food, sodium city with over 1,500 mg for the sandwich alone.

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Years ago, I gave up on Burger King. The whole operation was dismal. The menu board's dingy yellow hue gave a bad first impression, and everything else followed suit. The food was always hyper-salty and tasted like it sat far too long under a warmer. It's no wonder to me that once #2 (second only to McDonald's) BK long since lost out to Wendy's for market share.

The King's times are changing for the better. The whole chain is remodeling locations with a contemporary (and, dare I say, gorgeous) combination of black, steel, and red to evoke the flame-broiler in the kitchen. While the signature Whopper is still the centerpiece of the menu, the rest of the menu has also seen a bit of a revamp.