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What's the Rain Plan for Devoured 2014? (Hint: Don't Forget Your Umbrella)

The annual Devoured Food and Wine Classic is one of our favorite culinary events of the year. Between the limited number of tickets and consistently impressive line up of restaurants and chefs, it's always an event to remember.

But this year's event seems poised to deliver more than food and drink -- if you haven't seen a weather forecast for the weekend, there's a 100 percent of rain during the day on Saturday, and a lesser chance of showers on Sunday too. So what's the plan for the rain-or-shine event? Well, to put it simply, don't forget your umbrella.

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Sara Fassil of Tony Felice PR tells us that the outdoor portion of the event will not be moved inside the museum. Doing so would be impossible since attendees will be walking around with food and drinks.

The good news is that about half the event -- including the chef demos -- was already slated to take place indoors.

But if you've been to Devoured before, you know that still means wet concrete and wetter grass in the museum's open air courtyard. In the past, tents have only been provided to each of the restaurants to serve food out of -- so things might be poised to get a little soggy.

There will be an umbrella check -- like a coat check, so you don't have to hold a dripping umbrella while you're checking out an indoor part of the event. Better be digging out those umbrellas along with your rain boots and slickers.

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