Two Cooking Reality Show Contestants Teaming Up for Pop-Up Event at Cartel Coffee Lab in Phoenix

What happens to cooking reality show contestants after the spotlight fades?

If you're David Martinez, who was on the third season of Fox's MasterChef in 2012, and Tyler Burke, who competed on Food Network's Iron Chef America in 2009 as a culinary school student, you team up for a pop-up event.

At 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday, August 30 and 31, Martinez and Burke (under their pop-up restaurant name Eisen & Meister) will be at Cartel Coffee Lab in Phoenix for a seven-course dining event they're calling, "Una Noche En Mexico" (A Night in Mexico).

"No gimmicks, just really good regional Mexican food done in a very, very modern way," says Martinez. "Think [Nathan] Myhrvold [one of the authors of Modernist Cuisine] meets every Mexican grandmother with no cheese."

Here's the menu -- and the details.

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Starter Ceviche Vuelva a La Vida This ceviche will have the usual cast of characters reinterpreted to give you another look into the possibilities of this Latino staple. Good, bad, or indifferent you won't forget about this bright playful starter.

Mid Chicken Tostadas This chicken tostada isn't something you will get from your favorite Mexican joint and probably something you'll wish you could order on a regular basis. Sit back and enjoy this schmaltzy treat.

1st Course Chorizo y Papas VS Huevos con Chorizo This fight was bound to happen, who do you think wins, we think it'll be you.

2nd Course Wowbacoa This Saturday morning Mexican breakfast staple is rounded out using fresh ingredients it hasn't met before. Be prepared to enjoy this barbacoa prepared traditionally.

3rd Course Churros y Chicharrones Wait for it, wait for it. Yup it's just what you're thinking. These two chefs have worked tirelessly to give you two Mexican favorites on one plate. Are they making a churro stuffing from chicharronnes? Are they battering the chicharrones with churro dough? You'll just have to come and find out.

4th course Cafe Mexicano You've had a cafecito in Little Havana, you have a cafesote every Monday morning, but we guarantee you haven't had a cafe Mexicano like this one. Who doesn't love flan, tequila, and fried sugary carbohydrates? We know we do!

Dessert Mole Poblano Yeah, we said it: Mole Poblano. Why would anyone serve this as dessert? Open your mind and enjoy the close of a wonderful meal.

The cost of the seven-course meal is $85.00 ($88.97 w/service fee) and includes water. Optional non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink pairings are extra. Seating is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance at the Eisen & Meister ticket site.

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