Wake Up Call

A College Degree in Coffee May Soon Be a Reality

While University of California-Davis already has topped our list of coolest colleges by offering both beer-brewing and winemaking degrees, the university's latest research center is kind of blowing our minds. According to NPR, the California school recently founded a Coffee Center dedicated to the research and study of our favorite a.m. beverage, and that center may only be the beginning of UC-Davis' plans for coffee education.


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UC-Davis began its coffee program with a small seminar in the chemistry of coffee and grew to a 170-student lecture, with more than 300 students signed up to take the class next semester. The Coffee Center now offers research into sensory, metabolic, and sociological aspects of coffee consumption. Unique looks into everything from how milk interacts with coffee and sustainable growing and sourcing of beans will surely make the center, and possible resulting major, a java lover's dream.

The center also plans on researching coffee's beneficial effects on the human body, which we're all about, considering we are currently drinking coffee and will likely have about four more cups before the day is out.

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