go lb. salt Launches Salt Education Series in Gilbert This Spring

When you reach for a shaker full of sodium chloride, you might not think much before sprinkling your plate. But if you ask go lb. salt owners Aaron and Liz Eckburg their opinion, they can tell you just how and why "fancy" salts not only cost more, but also taste better.

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They've been selling everything from high-end smoked salts to bath salts since 2011 and now they're launching a series of classes to impart their knowledge of all things NaCl to the masses.

Dump that giant jar o' Mortons; we're talking about the real stuff now.

The company's targeting fans of Alton Brown's Good Eats for their 'chitchen kemistry' classes, which will be held this spring at My AZ Kitchen in Gilbert.

If you watch the show, then you'll know they're probably planning some pretty technical and science-based stuff.

The series will kick off on March 29 with a Sea Salt Tasting & Pairing Basics class that will "acquaint you with the most overlooked and misunderstood element in the kitchen." (In case you're confused, that means salt.) Not only will they finally explain how the myriad salts differ, but which ones pair best with what foods. They're also throwing in a half-pound sample pack of unrefined sea salts so you can put that knowledge to good use.

The one-session class costs $45 a person and will also be offered on June 20.

Other upcoming classes include a three-day BYO Beef (no really, you bring your own beef) class about dry aging beef at home and a two-day Makin' Bacon class to learn how to cure your own bacon. Pork belly and cure included.

The single-session Saltware course promises to teach how to cook on Himalayan salt blocks.The hand-cut slabs of pink Himalayan salt can be used on the grill, in the oven or as a plate on which to serve sushi. And, yes, you walk away with a 6-by-8-inch Saltware salt block of your own.

Lastly, the Joy of Black Truffle Salt course will demystify both truffles and black truffle salt. Best of all, you'll take home some of the precious little nuggets to impress your friends and family.

For dates, pricing and more detailed information about the courses visit the go lb. salt website.

They're also offering discounts for early registration to the BYO Beef, Makin' Bacon and Saltware classes hrough March 28. Just enter code "SALT" at checkout during registration.

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