Sunday: Guerilla Gourmet and a Mystery Restaurant Debut at Devoured

Two newcomers to the dining scene will make a splash at Devoured this Sunday, tipping the anticipation scales to the culinary festival's second day.

Few details are available yet -- like, a name? a location? a chef? -- but there's word that a new Downtown mystery restaurant will be unveiled that day. Could this be the area's first pop-up restaurant? Perhaps the city's culinary creatives will start cooking up intriguing concepts for vacant or underutilized spaces. Stay tuned . . .

And chef Payton Curry, who recently left his post as executive chef at Caffe Boa, rolls out his new biz, Guerilla Gourmet.

It's no secret that the sassy chef is searching for the right location to open his own restaurant, but in the meantime, he's planning pop-up events, cocktail hours, and private parties. He'll cater, too, but it'll be a whole "interactive experience," he tells me. For anyone who's ever chatted with this smart, animated dude, you'll understand why he'll rock the spotlight.

He's also likely to steal the show at Devoured, like he did last year when he butchered a whole pig for a live audience. He got the whole place buzzing from his appearance on the demo stage.

This time, he'll demonstrate "How To Make Sausage" -- including pates and terrines -- and will talk about quick-pickling of fresh seasonal veg like haricots vert and fava beans. At his own tasting table, he'll be serving a whole spread of terrines, including Tender Belly Berkshire pork studded with Mangalitsa lardo, McClendon's green garlic, preserved lemon, and dates; a blend of Berkshire pork, grass-fed beef, and merguez sausage with saffron, golden raisins, and za'atar; and a tradional version with chili flakes, cognac, and stewed i'itoi onions.