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Research Report Reveals Phoenix Dining Attitudes

We love reading about ourselves, don't we? How else to explain the Facebook "25 Random Things About Me" phenomenon?

That's why I thought you'd be intrigued by the results of a recent study of Phoenix and Scottsdale diners, conducted by Knoodle, a local marketing agency. Through surveys of 98 local participants, the research project explored participants' motivations for dining out.

It says that 71.3% of respondents chose convenience as their main reason for eating at restaurants (gas prices have played into it as well); among diners with kids, 50% said price was the biggest factor in deciding whether to eat out.

Chow Bella was name-dropped as one of the sites that 38% of respondents mentioned as a way that they find out about new restaurants. (Woo-hoo! Hey, let me toot my own horn.)

The economy, coupled with strict DUI laws, means that people are cutting back on the booze. Diners are also going easy on the apps and dessert, and are on the lookout for drink specials and happy hour deals these days.

Even though you might anecdotally know some of this stuff already, it's still quite interesting to see the report: Restaurant Brochure.pdf