Chow Bella

Now Open: The Parlor

A holiday weekend is a good time for a soft opening, it seems. The Parlor quietly opened its doors a few nights ago, and incredibly, I've already talked to a few friends who've been there. People must be hungry for this stuff.

Word is, the food is straightforward and pretty tasty, and owner Aric Mei's renovation of the former beauty parlor is impressive.

The rustic menu, conceived by executive chef Jerry Alday and chef Jared Porter, is an assortment of sandwiches, salads, handmade pastas, and of course pizzas -- nine different kinds, in fact. And as promised, the prices are affordable. Check it out: The Parlor menu

Last night, I happened to drive by and notice that the big sign out front isn't there anymore. I'm assuming that a new one is on the way, so in the meantime, if you're looking for The Parlor, you'll find it on the north side of Camelback at 20th Street.