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"Flash Garden" Hits Pomegranate Café, Installs Garden in Three Minutes

Part flash mob, part guerrilla gardening, part hula-hoop jam -- that's what swept through Pomegranate Café on Saturday, April 6. In the middle of a busy weekend lunch service, a group of volunteers organized by gardenfly, a SEED SPOT venture that brings together gardeners, spontaneously installed a portable garden in front of the Ahwatukee restaurant in three minutes flat.

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Vynnie McDaniels, a master gardener and gardener trainer, was challenged by gardenfly founder Corey Abramowitz to help organize the demonstration with the goal of promoting how quick and easy it is to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables at home. The group successfully showed that planting a garden can be simple and -- with the addition of music and hula hoops -- a pretty rad DIY party too.

Step 1: Get a container Step 2: Get soil and seeds Step 3: Invite a bunch of friends to get their hands dirty (and dance)

Pomegranate Café was picked the ideal target for what's being billed as the world's first ever flash garden. The vegetarian eatery supports local farmers by serving seasonal organic produce, including not only salads and wraps but daily specials like the Ultimate Pub Burger (beet and brown rice patty, pickles, grilled onions, BBQ, slaw) and vegan desserts like raw mango pineapple cheesecake. Thanks to gardenfly, Vynnie McDaniels, and crew, Pomegranate Café and its customers will be able to enjoy the garden and its bounty.

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