Monday Night Martha: Dr Pepper Brownies

We must be craving sweets these days because we just realized we've cooked two chocolate dishes back to back. Ah well. What can you do.

It's fun to cook with soda pop because you feel like you're breaking some unspoken rule of the kitchen. There are actually dozens of recipes that use Dr Pepper, including Dr Pepper ribs, Dr Pepper baked beans, Dr Pepper gelatin and even Dr Pepper spaghetti.

At the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas (yes, that Waco), you can purchase Dr Pepper marinades and sauces. And the soda jerks at the vintage fountain there serve Dr Pepper floats. On cold days you can try a mug of steaming Dr Pepper served with a lemon wedge.

You might be wondering how do we know so much about Dr Pepper? It's certainly NOT because we've made the pilgrimage to the Dr Pepper museum on three separate occasions. And it's NOT because we dressed up as "Super Dr Pepper Woman" one year for Halloween, wearing a Dr Pepper flag as a cape. It's also NOT because our mother worked for Dr Pepper when we were in utero so Dr Pepper was one of the first flavors we ever tasted. We're just a font of pop culture knowledge, that is all.

But we digress. This particular recipe for Dr Pepper brownies is found online at Cooks, but you get the sense it's one of those 1960s dishes that was more about marketing the product than anything else.

In the end, the brownies tasted like a cross between chocolate cupcakes and spice cake, and not all that Dr Peppery, unfortunately. If we were to try this again, we'd use the recipe for cupcakes instead, and create a Dr Pepper frosting to go along with it.