Cafe Reviews

Delice Bistro in Tempe Serves Marvelous Baked Goods and So-So Sandwiches

I really wanted to love Delice, mostly because owner Feras Tarabichi works double-time to make diners feel at home. During each of my recent visits, I watched as he visited tableside with each of his guests, inquiring about their entrées or the delicious pastries they'd ordered. Tarabichi has created a menu more stylish and complicated than one would expect to find in a Mill Avenue bistro that likely caters mostly to ASU students and visitors to the next-door movie multiplex.

But, like a lot of ambitious bistros, Delice (pronounced Da-lees) has yet to arrive at greatness. This European-style bakery and patisserie serves marvelous baked goods and pastries, and its breakfast foods are highly flavored and neatly made. But the sandwiches and salads that make up its lunch and dinner menu typically fall short.