Wake Up Call

Cupcake Cars, Culinary Dropout and Chicken Corn Chowder in Today's Eater's Digest.

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Score one for P.E.T.A and zero for traditional cultures.Cats and Dogs soon to be off the menu in China.

Last Wednesday marked the day that the highly anticipated Fox Restaurant Concepts' new endeavor, Culinary Dropout, opened in Scottsdale. Aside from the food, check out the beer list!

Funny, we were just thinking the other day about how to spend this $25,000 that's been burning a hole in our pocket and then we discovered the Cupcake Car...problem solved.

Watch David Letterman attempt to drive/destroy a Cupcake Car here.

And speaking of cupcakes we just couldn't resist showing you these Futurama inspired cupcakes. So adorable we'd let one attach itself to our own brain.

Finally, here's a recipe for Chicken Corn Potato Chowder. What else better for a cold Arizona night then a thick chowder. Enjoy!