Chow Bella

The Malibu Red Red Hot Explosion

Yesterday we told you about our experiences with coconut shampoo rum and the surprisingly similar Malibu Red, a blend of coconut rum and tequila. Dedicated tasters that we are, we tried the drink in many forms: neat, on the rocks, mixed with coke, and in the many cocktails posted on Some of them were horrific (Malibu Red and tabasco?!), but many were actually pretty good. The Red Hot Explosion was our favorite. Combining coconut, orange and grenadine, it reminded us of a visit to the tropics.

The ingredients:
1 part Malibu red (50ml)
2 parts orange juice (100ml)
1 splash of grenadine (10-20ml)
1 orange wedge

How to make it:
Pour the Malibu, OJ and grenadine into a large glass filled with ice. Stir well. Garnish with the orange wedge. Crank up some Ne-Yo and get your drink on.

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