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AndyTalk: Top 10 Things Not to Give a Cook

Tis the season ... to celebrate, give thanks, trim trees, light candles, and for many of us to buy a few gifts. Are you shopping for someone who loves to cook? It's hard to sort through all the options If you don't know your way around the kitchen. Part of picking a good gift is making sure you don't give a mathom - which was Tolkien's word for under-used and not-quite-appreciated items that are likely to be re-gifted.

Last week I offered suggestions about what to buy the kitchen obsessed. This week I'd like to tell you what not to buy.

What follows is my current list of ten things not to get for someone who loves to cook:

10. Do not buy a large inexpensive set of something.

A big set of bad knives simply gives the user all sorts of ways to slice badly. A set of cheap Teflon pans will be a set of scratched semi-stick pans in six months. Don't buy anything you see on TV if the deep voice urges you to "buy now and get two for the same low price."