Guilty Pleasures

BoSa Donuts' Apple Fritters

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The Guilty Pleasure: Apple Fritters Where To Get It: BoSa Donuts, several locations Valleywide The Price: A paltry 75 cents What It Really Costs: About 400 calories. Keep telling yourself that it's healthy because apples are involved.

I love mornings when I wake up early enough to make and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home. Then there are those mornings when something just... happens. Maybe the alarm clock was set for PM instead of AM. Maybe the cat got sick on the rug again. Now, instead of having time set aside, I'm racing against time. I have seemingly milliseconds to figure out something for breakfast.

A twisted part of me looks forward to these days for one reason: BoSa Donuts. I get a delicious start to my day, I'm in and out in only a minute or two, and it sure is easy on the wallet.

Since the mid-90s, they've been churning out donuts to folks in Chandler. A couple of years ago, they opened another location... and another... and another. Now, while the number of locations isn't close to Dunkin' Donuts, it seems like everywhere I look there's another BoSa location opening. When one landed in the path of my morning commute, I knew my waistline was doomed. And when I noticed every single BoSa around town has a 24-hour drive-thru, some friends of mine (what's the euphemism these days? Friends with glaucoma, I believe?) couldn't have been happier.

While I can tell you (from extensive sampling) that there's hardly a dud in the varieties they sell, one stands head and shoulders above all the rest for me. That, my friends, is the apple fritter. It's fried dough perfection. The crispy, nubbly exterior sheathes a soft, yielding mass of dough studded with apples and cinnamon, all doused with a good helping of sugary glaze. The presence of apple bits makes it feel like I'm having something a little more virtuous than the other offerings, but it's still almost completely empty calories, pure fat and sugar like every other donut out there.

The crullers are nice and light, I could also have one of those without doing too much damage, right?

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