Chow Bella

Thursday: Kikuichi Cutlery at Phoenix Knife House

If you're steeped in the culinary world -- whether professionally or just as an enthusiast -- you're probably already familiar with Phoenix Knife House, the go-to shop for chefs in need of a good blade.

But this Thursday, there's a special reason to stop by. It's the second annual Kikuichi Event, with Kikuichi Cutlery representative Hiro Hirano visiting from Japan to show his company's wares (including traditional knives like the blue carbon honyaki and Damascus, as well as Western styles) and give a short presentation at 11 a.m. Some of the unusual styles are not usually stocked at the store. 

Kikuichi's roughly 700-year history dates back to the days of the samurai, when people sought out Kikuichi for swords, not kitchen cutlery.

Buy or order one of the knives at the event, and you'll get a ten-percent discount.