Day Drinker: A Toast to Last Week's Bar Brainstormers, and Daytime at Dizzy's

Who says you have to wait until the sun goes down to have a good time?

Today Ronda, Tana, and I are raising our collective day drinker glasses to the good folks who graciously gave up their favorite watering-holes for our sunrise boozing indulgences in last week's post. Not only were we crazy-excited to start checking the boxes on each and every one, we basked in the alcoholic glow of folks who not only supported but indulged in our cause. Cheers!

That said, we're off on our first hot lead: Dizzy's from day-drinking idea maven clueheywood.

Daytime at Dizzy's

"What movie are we watching this morning?" Tana and I ask the bartender as we saddle our stools at Dizzy's. It's 10 a.m. We hear the TV before we see it.

"It's Singin' in the Rain. This will probably be the 101th time I've seen it. You want me to turn the sound down?"

That's Ed. Clad in a John Deere ball cap, short-sleeve shirt, and blue shorts, Ed's white whiskers surrounded a friendly smile. He was a friend of the owners doing a fill-in gig until 11 a.m., when the daytime barkeep's shift started. His hearing wasn't great, which explained the volume situation of the TV and repeating our order of two Buds. After the serve, Ed sat down on a corner stool and went back to watching Gene Kelly and friends.

Dizzy's is a classic dive: dark, a little worn around the edges, and boasting an if-these-walls-could-talk factor. The bar area housed the juke box, claw game, and pinball machines while a smaller one was home to the pool tables and photos of the regulars having a damn good time. The ladies' room was primped with torn and staple-ridden paneling and a "powder" room featured a mirror with a security sticker on it book-ended by two hanging lamps circa 1960.

Back at the bar, Ed tells us he's a huge movie buff. He's seen 'em all, and keeps seein' 'em, too -- often going to Camelview 5 to watch a couple in a row on weekends. He shares a secret shame of enjoying The Princess and the Frog. I agree. Don't judge us.

"You expecting any regulars today?" Tana asks Ed.

"Not too many come in now. There may be more around noon, but you never know."

By 12:30, Tana and I are still the only day drinkers at Dizzy's. We say goodbye to Ed, hello to our new bartender Lauren, and watch Lady Sings the Blues while talking about going back to Dizzy's during the evening hours for a couple of nightcaps.

7051 North Seventh Street