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Chef Robert McGrath Leaves Renegade Canteen

James Beard award-winning chef and former owner of Roaring Fork Robert McGrath has left Renegade Canteen, the upscale North Scottsdale restaurant where he served up his American West-influenced creations.

According to the Arizona Republic, McGrath's leaving resulted as a dispute with owners John Rosso and Steven Goodhue.

McGrath tells the Republic, "It's not a restaurant I want my name associated with. It's been a struggle for a while trying to get along. A nightmare."

The Republic goes on to report that "McGrath has been concerned for several months that the owners were pushing to 'lower the quality of the food,'" and that McGrath said it was impossible to maintain standards.

Renegade Canteen owner John Russo, the Republic says, is perplexed by McGrath's decision and disagrees with the chef's comment regarding the quality of food.

A call placed to Renegade Canteen this afternoon has not yet been returned. To read the review of Renegade Canteen I wrote in August, go here.

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