Chow Bella

Picnic-worthy: PLT at Cibo

By Michele Laudig

I don't need a sunny day as an excuse to do lunch at Cibo, the cozy pizza restaurant tucked in an historic house in a mostly residential neighborhood just a blocks from the heart of downtown. But let me tell you -- when the weather's this gorgeous, Cibo's lush, shady front patio is the place to be.

Don't get your hopes up for pizza at lunchtime -- the midday menu is strictly sandwiches and salads. Still, I'm a sucker for the fresh saltimbocca bread baked in the pizza oven (especially since it's still warm and crisp when I bite into it) and the colorful little salad you can order as a side.

This PLT was just the thing I was craving on a still-summery October afternoon -- fresh baby greens, ripe tomatoes, a dab of spicy roasted pepper aioli, and plenty of excellent prosciutto. This prosciutto's the good stufff, too, San Daniele Black Label, aged a minimum of 18 months.