Chow Bella

Sonora Brewhouse Becomes SunUp Brewing Co.

If you've driven past Sonora Brewhouse sometime in the last month, you might've noticed a different name on the sign for the brewpub. Now it goes by SunUp Brewing Co.

But if you're a fan of this cozy little hangout -- where you can chow down on really good burgers and amazing onion rings as you knock back pints of craft brews -- there's nothing to worry about. Besides the name, nothing else has changed. The vibe, the menu, and the ownership are all status quo.

Turns out, Sonora became SunUp for legal reasons when it started distributing its beers (not bottling them, though). That's great news, because now you can find SunUp beers around town at places like Delux and Papago Brewing.