Wake Up Call

It's Halloween! -- and Eater's Digest Needs A Cocktail or Three

Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives?

This is normally where we tell you about a fun foodie event going around town but since everyone should be out trick-or-treating we've decided to skip that part and jump right into the good stuff ,which in today's case is booze. 

We have three spooky cocktails recipes for you to shake up to help scare all the ghost and goblins away and return your sanity. 

First up is the Ward Eight a tangy cocktail made up of whiskey, orange juice, lemon juice and a splash of sweet grenadine.  This is a perfect drink  to have in hand while watching a few scary movies. Since it's a holiday, you have our permission to double the whiskey (we won't tell, promise!). 

If you want to take a more "Twilight" approach to your drinks, mix up a glass of Liqueur de Clarimonde. This Gothic style chocolate-infused port wine is exactly what we would imagine Old World vampires would drink -- that is, if they could drink. Which, duh, they obviously can't because they're vampires. 

or you can literally "darken your spirits" with an eerie Black Window Martini made with Blavod  Vodka -- it's actually black. This particular recipe calls for raspberry vodka but we'd rather use cherry. Either way, we're happy to have a martini in hand! 

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