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Old World Brewery: The Old World Must've Been Messed Up

A word often flung around the beer-rating websites on which I sometimes dwell is homerism. The term has a broad definition, but most basically it means support for a local brewery that goes beyond what said brewery deserves. It's most often used by people from states outside a certain brewery's distribution region accusing those in the local market of artificially inflating that brewery's ratings. Homers give extra credit to local brewers, they say, for the sheer fact that they exist close by. It's an interesting phenomenon, brought on perhaps by the local-food movement that's become increasingly popular across the country.

It's also the only logical explanation for why Old World Brewery is still in business.

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Why else would people continue to buy beers that have failed to garner a single grade above 40 percent on Ratebeer or Beeradvocate? Why else would someone drink beer from a brewery that was found to have committed more than 17 health-code violations, including excess flies brought inside by the dogs living in the back of the brewery and rat feces found in the grain storage area?