SanTan Cans Now Sold in Mixed 12-Packs

Local beer fanatics were psyched when Chandler-based San Tan Brewing Company started canning its brews last summer. Who wouldn't want a taste of the microbrewery at the ready -- and ice-cold -- at home?

Now, SanTan's just kicked off retail sales of its new mixed 12-packs, featuring four of its six beers. It's a well-rounded variety, with crisp, bitter HopShock IPA, aromatic Hefeweizen, citrusy Devil's Pale Ale, and malt-tinged Epicenter Amber Ale, all in one box. Although a trip to SanTan's headquarters at San Marcos Square is always easy to justify, there's something gratifying about stocking the fridge with local beer and quaffing all you want.

No surprise, the SanTan folks timed this launch to coincide with Arizona Beer Week. Consider it a souvenir for Beer Week that'll be available all year long.