Will Hello Kitty Booze Turn Kids into Drunks?

Yet another storm is brewing on the 'net, this one over an adults-only product with oh-so-cute packaging that will appeal to little girls everywhere: Hello Kitty Wine. Yes, Japan's beloved animated feline is all grown up -- as evidenced from the saucy Hello Kitty in a cocktail dress, champagne glass in hand, on the new vino's website.

The collection of four wines from Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto includes Angel and Devil pinots, a Brut Rose and of course, a sparkling pink with a heart on the bottle. Hello Kitty wines debuted in Italy last year and are expected to hit U.S. markets this spring. 

Some parents are saying the wine makes Hello Kitty the new Joe Camel (Reynolds Tobacco stopped using Joe in the late '90s after lawsuits claimed the cartoon dromedary was marketing cigs to kids). I mean, with Hello Kitty's adorable face on the label, what teen wouldn't buy a fake ID just to get her hands on a bottle? No more underage kids standing around the corner at the gas station begging adult customers to sneak them a six-pack. Now, they'll be hanging out at Total Wine & More begging for a cute, cuddly, collectible bottle of pink bubbly.  

What do you think, Chow Bella readers? Is Hello Kitty wine just another adult-oriented Kitty product (she already has sake sets and wine openers) or will it turn kids into boozers?