Chow Bella

My Mini Taste of Phoenix: Seeking Sweets and Asian Comfort Food in the Valley

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Hi, I'm Mabel. You might recognize the byline from my series The Baker's Lab. I'm from the Midwest and spent a couple months at New Times getting to know Phoenix this summer -- best time of the year possible, right? That's what every single person I meet locally keeps telling me anyway. Luckily though, I have family out here. We're distant, both geographically and personally, but as soon as I learned they love food as much as I do, I knew we'd get along just fine. Read on to see where and what we ate together.

My Uncle Sonny says he's eaten at more than 300 food establishments in the Valley. For me, living in downtown Phoenix in the dead of summer pretty much just included meals from the mini fridge and indulging in Subway, available within walking distance. So, 300 is a big number to digest.

"Sweet! I appreciate good food, too," he said in response to my suggestion that we get together for lunch. "Let me know what day is good for you so we can plan a mini Taste of Phoenix."