Chow Bella

Mmm: Mini-Pies at Lisa G

Move over, cupcakes. I've found a new tiny dessert to obsess over.

Lisa G Cafe & Wine Bar just started serving miniature pies every Friday and Saturday night, available individually or as a "pie flight." The flavors change frequently, but I recently got a taste of the most recent ones: Nutella with vanilla cream and bruleed bananas, Amish milk pie, and pear with golden raisins and mascarpone. Delish! The crusts were so flaky and perfect that I could've eaten them plain.

You might be wondering what "milk pie" is, but when I heard the waitress mention it, I perked right up. Having grown up in central Pennsylvania, I am plenty familiar with the delights of Amish pastries (shoo-fly pie, anyone?). My Grandma Laudig always made us milk pie with the leftover pie crust dough. It's the simplest thing in the world, really -- a little flour, a little sugar, a little cinnamon, some milk, and a tiny dab of butter to make a creamy filling.