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AZ Restaurant Week Survivors Party at Citizen Public House This Sunday

Love it or hate it -- AZ Restaurant Week (Spring Edition) is officially over Sunday night.

According to Bernie Kantak, chef and co-owner of Citizen Public House, this calls for a celebration. But then, with Kantak, what doesn't?

He and his partners Richie Moe and Andrew Fritz are hosting a late-night "I Survived Arizona Restaurant Week" Party this Sunday, May 27, starting at 9 pm and going to close.

Although the event (really more of relaxed supper with good beer and cocktails) is aimed at cranky, glad-it's-over industry folks, everyone is welcome.

On the menu: slow-roasted Tender Belly Berkshire pork butt, whipped masa and corn with roasted corn salsa, cilantro and lime. It's Kantak's deconstructed version of a green corn tamale ($6).

Meanwhile, Moe will be pouring premium beer -- including Four Peaks Hefe and Four Peaks Hop Knot, Jever Pilsner, Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale and Deschutes Obsidian Stout -- for $3 as well as making Jameson or Absolut cocktails for $5.

And because Monday is Memorial Day and you've probably got it off, you can party like it's 2012.

To RSVP -- or simply Like -- go the Facebook event page here: