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Sweet Summer: Raspado

It's too hot to cook, so just skip to dessert. That's our philosophy, anyway. Besides, most summertime desserts have the added benefit of being cold, and anything that helps beat the heat is a winner.

This week we offer you a daily guide to the sweet treats of summer, from lo-cal to oh wow, and best of all, these sweet mood elevators are pleasingly priced with nothing over $6.

Day 4 - Raspado Fruitti Sweets 3326 N 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 602-265-5151

Snow-cones and summer go together, we know this. Once you've mastered the sno-ball it's time for the raspado. The name comes from the Spanish work raspar, which means 'to scrape', and this chilled dessert is all about shaved ice.

Raspados are also meant for drinkin', which is perfect, since the ice will melt your treat on you pretty quickly in the Phoenix sun. Served in an oversized, domed lid cup, punched through with a straw, this one is meant to be slurped. When it's blazingly hot, and raspados are nice and cold, it's about perfect.

Pick your flavor, from pineapple to strawberry to dulce de leche, if you're lucky. Packed with fruit, too, so you'll feel like it's practically a smoothie. Go for the chile and lime, or tamarind, a fruity flavor with a sour punch, the folks at Fruitti Sweets say its their most popular flavor . Say yes if you want the toppings, which are usually carmelized cajeta or sweetened condensed milk. Not that they need it, mind you, they are just fine without it. Just remember it's summer, it's hot, and this is a special treat, its only $3, and go for it!