Last Call

How to Make the Original Zombie Cocktail

I have had more than a few people lately ask me . . .

What's a good drink to serve at my Halloween party?

The easy answer is: Take your favorite punch recipe and add a block of dry ice to it to create a layer of billowing fog. Dim the lights and throw a couple of glow sticks on top to make it extra-eerie. While that's fun, it's almost more suited for a kids' halloween party. I have a better idea. Let's go into the vaults and make one of my favorite Tiki drinks, the Zombie.

The Zombie has quite the storied history. It was created way back in 1934 by one Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. He changed his name to Donn Beach, and opened a little tropical-themed restaurant and bar called Don the Beachcomber. Soon, competing tropical paradises dotted the country, including a few by Victor Bergeron, who you know better as the inventor of the Mai Tai, Trader Vic.