Tim O'Connor: Caramelpalooza Candymakers

Before the "Honey Moon," co-owners and bakers Tim & Joan O'Connor met while studying at the Culinary Institute of America in New York in 1983; since then, the culinary duo have been partners in both love and food, opening Honey Moon Sweets in 1996.

I ended up in the kitchen because I've been cooking professionally since age 15 and when it came time for college and I found out that the CIA existed, I was like, "I get to go to college for cooking? Hell yea!"

My favorite dish to make is sweetbreads. The veal kind. Because I absolutely love them! With Sherry. The drinking kind.

Get O'Connor's thoughts about garlic, egg custard and strawberry Starburst after the jump.

One dish I'm afraid to make is egg custards, creams and sauces. They always
break. (I know, you thought I said I've been cooking since I was 15. It's my
Mulligan, alright?) I leave it to my wife Joan and her crew.

My favorite kind of candy is I swear I'm not kissing up but, caramels; and
strawberry Starburst.

Caramel should be coated in chocolate.

I always brush my teeth after a grilled shrimp and garlic binge.

Find Tim and 11 other chefs at Caramelpalooza, Friday, March 11, from 7 til the caramel runs out,  Smeeks candy store, northwest corner of Central and Camelback. 

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