Battle of the Dishes

El Chullo vs. Tumi: Peruvian Ceviche Showdown

Though the origin of ceviche is disputed, it's likely that the dish comes from the South American country of Peru. This dish, which is made by curing raw seafood or fish in citrus juices, has been popular in South America for years, with nearly every country offering its own take.

And no matter how you spell it -- cebiche, ceviche, or seviche -- it's an easily enjoyable dish. Often flavored with ají chili peppers, as well as onions, salt, and other spices, ceviche makes a light meal that still offers plenty in the flavor department. Many restaurants (Latin American or not) have begun serving ceviche of all varieties on their menus, but to keep things fair, we headed to two Peruvian joints, pitting Phoenix's El Chullo against Chandler's Tumi Fine Peruvian Cuisine in a battle of the ceviche de pescado.