Pie Social Recipe Cards Make a Sweet Holiday Gift

Visions of sugar pies dancing in your head, ever since our Pie Social last month?

Us, too. We're still reeling over the fact that hundreds came to taste, bringing more than 200 community pies. And 10 professional bakers/chefs competed for top pie honors. 

In the sugary hubub you might have missed the sets of celebrity chef recipe cards for sale -- just $10 for 10 recipes, including Justin Beckett's winning fig and pecan pie, and Slade Grove's sugar cookie cream pie, which nabbed the people's choice award.

There are a few sets of recipe cards left, and we're biased but we think they make pretty sweet holiday gifts. Buy them at MADE art boutique, 922 N. 5th Street (5th and Roosevelt). Proceeds benefit the non-profit Roosevelt Row association, the group that brings you little shindigs like First Friday. Oh yeah, and Pie Social.