Whole Foods "Ultimate Food Fight" Chef Competition Comes to Scottsdale Nov. 3rd

Starting to freak a bit about what you're going to cook for the holidays this year? Don't fret, Whole Foods is attemtping to come to the rescue by putting their chefs to the test with the first ever "Ultimate Food Fight" competition. Whole Foods chefs from our general area of the country will have 45 minutes to come up with their own special twist on holiday classics using stuffing as the base. 

Chow Bella's resident chef, Carol Blonder, will be there with Pavle Milic of FnB and Brady Breese from Urban Cookies to try the original creations.

Arizona is Stop 2 of the 5-city tour that starts in Las Vegas. After Arizona they'll send the challenge to San Diego, Orange Country and finally Los Angeles. They'll all start with the same stuffing recipe but then the trick will be to "incorporate a selection of secret, non-traditional local and seasonal ingredients, from seafood to artisan cheese, to put a fresh, local twist on their recipe." The judges will be scoring on taste, creativity, presentation and use of ingredients.

The fun part is that you can view the action Thursday November 3rd from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the North Scottsdale Whole Foods located at 7111 E. Mayo Blvd., Scottsdale. Two shelf-stable food items are required for admission. They will be donated to Homeward Bound Homeless Shelter and right now they're needing canned foods, beans, pasta and sauce, cereal, juice and sugar.

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