Digesting Caramelpalooza: A Judge's View

Last Friday night, Smeeks hosted Chow Bella's 3rd Annual Caramelpalooza, and phew, that was a TON of caramel. As author of the blog's Dessert First series, I was asked to be one of five judges.

Thanks to all of the ice cream/candy/cookie/popcorn/paleta makers for bringing their creativity to the table and for leaving us all with quite the sugar rush. A special nod goes to the winners:

Beatriz "Betty" Alatorre de Hong of Paletas Betty took home the big prize for her Platano Paleta. Several readers expressed concern that a popsicle doesn't fairly represent caramel, but it is in fact a super flavor-packed frozen delight. Showcased in all of its glory, Betty's homemade caramel is the paleta's primary flavor, and añejo rum and chunks of frozen banana are mixed in to make it a bananas foster. This Best in Show is definitely well-deserved.