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Chef Christopher Gross Cooks for Martha Stewart (It's a Good Thing)

Last night, while the rest of us were watching Modern Family and putting the finishing touches on our Transformers costume for Halloween, Christopher Gross, the James Beard Award-winning chef and owner of Christopher's and Crush Lounge in Central Phoenix, was busy with his own evening activity: making dinner for none other than the American business magnate, media personality, author, magazine publisher, and sometimes pole dancer Martha Stewart.

The queen of "It's a Good Thing" was one of the guests at a private dinner party hosted by Cheryl Najafi, CEO and founder of CherylStyle, an idea source for entertaining in the home based in Phoenix.

So what was on the menu for Martha and friends? Chef Gross gave me the rundown:

- Gougeres and vanilla dusted scallops - Gazpacho tea made with the Japanese round ice cube maker and olive bread stick - Salade of fresh hearts of palm with tarragon - Sous-vide filet red wine and marrow sauce with portobello tuile - Hot and cold nitro macaroons with hot pears and strawberries

By the looks of the photo, Martha enjoyed the meal.

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