Canna Cola Delivers THC with Fizz

From marijuana-infused vodka to good old-fashioned pot brownies, people are coming up with all kinds of smokeless THC delivery methods now that medical marijuana's picking up momentum. Almost makes you wonder if rolling papers will become extinct . . .

The latest to bubble up is Canna Cola, a new line of soft drinks from California-based artist and entrepreneur Clay Butler. With flavors like Doc Weed, Grape Ape, and the eponymous Canna Cola, the playful "medibles" (foods products with THC) will be marketed "how Snapple or Coca-Cola or Minute Maid would make a marijuana beverage, if they ever chose to do it," Butler tells the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The drinks will have 35 to 65 milligrams of THC -- pretty light, compared to other THC-laced products out there -- and will retail for $10 to $15 per 12 oz. bottle. Canna Cola is set to hit dispensaries in Colorado this month, and in California, tentatively, this spring.