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Facebook Faux Pas? Scottsdale Restaurant Posts Photo of Rude Tipper's Receipt

We've written a fair share about tips here on Chow Bella -- everything from tipping etiquette to auto gratuities and, of course, a few crazy stories of tipping gone wrong . . . and tipping gone totally right.

This weekend, Scottsdale's Taco Haus chimed in on the tipping debate, posting a photo of one customer's receipt on the restaurant's Facebook page that featured some nasty comments. The customer hadn't tipped on a $8.64 bill -- and left a few choice words and insults instead. The post, which stated that the customer was 16 years old, included the customer's first and last name and some credit card information.

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The photo, shown above, was posted on Saturday but was taken down later that night. We've blurred out the diner's name and credit card information, all of which was visible when the photo was posted by Taco Haus.

As we all know, social media can be difficult to navigate, particularly for restaurants. And Taco Haus wouldn't be the first local business to rub customers the wrong way with a photo and a short Facebook post.

But there are two sides to every story, and in the past, we've asked restaurateurs and chefs -- including Taco Haus owner Dave Andrea -- whether it's ever okay not to leave a tip. Not surprisingly, most of those we asked expressed the opinion that it's never acceptable to not tip a server.

What do you think? Should Taco Haus have posted the photo, particularly with the customer's name visible? How do you think bad food and/or bad service is best handled?

Chime in through the comment section below.

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