Eric Schaefer's Perfect Food Day

​This is how Eric Schaefer describes himself in the "About Me" section of his blog, Eric Eats Out:

I'm a 30-something husband, father, business-owner, drummer, pilot, car-nut, and general advocate of living-well.  I like to eat food, read about food, write about food and talk about food.  I also love cheap light beer with my foie gras, or just about anything else.  I have an aversion to cloudy ice cubes that even my therapist cannot explain.

And here's Schaefer's perfect food day.

A leisurely brunch at Balthazar, the quinessential French brasserie in New York City. I once had breakfast, lunch and dinner there in the same day. Who doesn't like some Wellfleet oysters and champagne with their Eggs En Cocotte?

Balaban's in St. Louis, Missouri. Yes, I said "Missouri." It's where I was born, and where I had my first exposure as a child to fine dining. I cannot imagine a more perfect lunch than a creamy bowl of Chilled Cucumber Bisque with lemon and creme fraiche, and Ligurian Shrimp Pasta. Then I need a 2 hour nap before dinner, and a good cardiologist.

Book me a flight on Virgin Atlantic and whisk me away to Wagamama, a Japanese noodle house that started in London but has expanded worldwide. Cheap and satisfying, it was one of the few delicious meals I could afford as a student at the London School of Economics. An order of Gyoza, a bowl of Chilli Ramen Beef, and some Ambien for the flight home. Arigato.

Between meal snacks:
I wouldn't mind sneaking-in some Beef Tartare at Petite Maison, Soft Scrambled Goose Egg with English Peas and Morels at Noca and a Tower Burger at Liberty Market.