Closed for Business: Chaka Chaka

I hope you're not hungry for a jerk chicken sandwich with seasoned mayo, hunks of meat, shredded cabbage, basil, and scallions.

That's the signature dish at Chaka Chaka, a tiny eatery on 7th Street, south of Chase Field, that just closed its doors.

Owner Charlie Blonkenfeld says he simply ran out of money. Even though he had loyal customers who'd come weekly from Tempe or Scottsdale to get their jerk chicken sandwich fix (or to fill up on his tasty garlic fries, hot dogs, and egg sandwiches with chorizo), he didn't get enough regular traffic to stay afloat. Insufficient signage might have been an issue, he admits.

For now, Blonkenfeld is doing private catering and can still be reached at the restaurant's number, or though his website.