Where Am I Eating?

Mmmmm tacos. Everyone loves tacos, right? Of course they do. How could someone not love delicious fillings in an equally awesome tortilla? Last week, my lunching companions and I hit up this gourmet taco shop in Phoenix for a few tacos -- and a lot of salsa. This place has so many to choose from! I'll give you a hint -- it's not La Tolteca. Do you know where I'm eating? 

Email the correct answer to [email protected]  and I will randomly pick a winner from all of the correct guess and send them a prize. This weeks winner will receive five tasting tickets for the upcoming Chow Bella Pie Social! 

Last week I met my a few of my favorite co-workers at Nobuo at Teeter House in Phoenix.  Jackie is our winner this week. Congrats Jackie! 

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