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Eat, Pray, Love Tea Won't Cure The Fatigue

Who doesn't love a good book-turned-movie-turned-tea?

The Republic of Tea joined efforts with Elizabeth Gilbert and her marketing army to blend flavors from the three different countries Gilbert describes in her New Age spiritual (read: Girl's Night) novel, Eat, Pray, Love.

While our artsy, sister blog Jackalope Ranch covered the exhausting marketing offensive waged by Gilbert's crew, we bring you her tea that sadly won't make it all go away.

From the book's pages, Republic of Tea and Gilbert gathered that the brew should be of the Indian black tea variety. It boasts flavors of Italian blood orange, Indonesian cinnamon and seemingly origin-less ginger (does this mean a sequel?). Satisfying the book, film and home furnishings' target 30 to 50 year old, middle-class woman audience, the tea is a zero calorie beverage.

And the guilt-free feeling continues; Republic of Tea assures Gilbert fans that their tea is available for $10.99 in participating retailers in unbleached, round tea bags "free of unnecessary, strings, tags and staples." Whew.

The Eat, Pray, Love Tea is only available for a limited time. Republic of Tea promises, "When It's Gone It's Gone." We can only hope.

Check out four other movies-turned-films we think would make great teas after the jump ...

1. Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series -- hints of passion fruit and earthy flavors with a sparkly appearance.
2. Nicholas Sparks' Nights in Rodanthe -- flavors of mint and violet collide to create this angst-forced-romantic tea.
3. F. Scott Fitzgerald's Benjamin Button -- aromas of nutmeg and gin leave drinkers in an awkward youthful/elderly interim.
4. Tucker Max' I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell -- Screw tea, why hasn't this been made into a beer?