New Restaurant Alert

New Deli and Smokehouse Moving Into Old Stanley's Sausage Location

Stanley's Homemade Polish Sausage Company may have moved out of its location on 2201 East McDowell Road this spring, but the tiny brick structure in Central Phoenix soon will be occupied by another meaty establishment with a rather, er, cheesy name.

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So We Meat Again Deli and Smokehouse, which says isn't "just your average franchise deli," is set to take over the old Stanley's location in the next few weeks.

Featuring slow-roasted meats from Shannon's Deli Meats, its factory in Glendale, So We Meat Again will offer a selection of more than 60 cuts of meat (think cheddar and green chile chicken sausage, pastrami, corn beef, prime rib, and carne asada) as well as a selection of hot sandwiches, cold subs, and sausages and hot dogs served on tortas.

As for Stanley's, an employee of its retail-only location on Bell Road in North Phoenix says the nearly 50-year-old sausage shop still plans to move across the street from the old McDowell Road location but could not say when the move was expected to happen.

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