Wake Up Call

The ButterUp Knife Just Solved All Your Bread and Butter Issues

Getting your bread buttered really can be a pain if you're using the real stuff and you don't have time to let it get to room temperature. Thankfully, an Australian-based company has come up with a creative way to solve that morning struggle with its ButterUp knife. Combining a grater with a serrated butter knife, it allows you to cut bread and spread butter with ease.

"But how does it work?" you might ask.

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If you're having trouble conceptualizing the ButterUp knife's functionality, watch this handy dandy Kickstarter video that shows how the knife works:

According to the video, the design was inspired by a cook trick of using a traditional grater to soften butter. After several prototypes, which are displayed on the product's Kickstarter page, the ButterUp knife was born. It is available in different finishes, such as matte and polished.

While it's marketed to use with all-dairy butters, we have a feeling it would work well for peanut butter too, which also tends to tear up our bread.

With five days left in the campaign, this Kickstarter project has made over seven times its target funding amount, which means you'll definitely be able to get one of these bad boys soon. If you decide to go through Kickstarter, $12 gets you a ButterUp in March 2015, $15 gets you one by Christmas, and $60 gets you the knife after its first trial run.

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