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Steamer's and Sam's Cafe Set to Close at Biltmore Fashion Park

Steamer's Genuine Seafood and Sam's Cafe, two longtime players in the Biltmore Fashion Park dining mix, will be closing on April 4.

Even though Sam's Cafe owners Doug Czufin and Bruce Lazarus recently bought Steamer's and renovated it last year, they're being forced to close both eateries as a result of decisions made by mall owner Westcor. Since the restaurants' leases are expiring, Westcor will be demolishing the building where they're located, with no imminent plans to build again in that location.

Czufin and Lazarus may expand in the future, but for now, they're focusing on their second Sam's Cafe location at downtown's Arizona Center, as well as neighboring restaurant 1130, which serves some of the same dishes as Steamer's.