Exotic Ice Cream Flavor Quest Continues at the Pink Spot in "Just Desserts"

In the end, we get what's coming to us. Let's hope it's sweet.

Sunset magazine says the cupcake craze is giving way to exotic ice cream flavors. Last week, after checking out what Phoenix frozen dessert institution, Mary Coyle, had to say about that, it was off to Pink Spot for this week's frozen flavor forage.

Sticking mostly with classic flavors, Pink Spot did have a couple of interesting ones. Fried Ice Cream -- containing pieces of pie crust, cinnamon, and coffee -- and the Beachcomber, made with (Yabba-Dabba Do!) Fruity Pebbles and Nerds. Unfortunately, the smell of pizza wafting over from the joint next door made for touchy tasting -- wait, is there pepperoni in this? -- but stronger wills prevailed.

Wishing for the childhood breakfast of yesteryear, the Fruity Pebbles crunch in the Beachcomber fell short because an overpowering orange/pineapple flavor that ended up making the whole shebang taste like just another kiddy cone with crunch. The Fried Ice Cream was the perfect blend of cinnamon and coffee flavor, but the pieces of bland-tasting stuck to the roof of the mouth and needed a finger-prodding to move along into Gulletville. Finger down the throat? Not the most appealing gesture to make in a restaurant. 

Neither flavor is recommended. The search continues.

Pink Spot
49 West Thomas Road