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7 Best Drinks in Metro Phoenix

In September, Phoenix New Times celebrated the cream of the crop with our 36th annual Best of Phoenix edition. Here are our top picks for cocktails, beer and even a sangria in metro Phoenix. Best Moonshine: Bootleggers If you think moonshine is a drink for hillbillies and country bumpkins, we've got three words for you: apple pie moonshine. Specifically, the apple pie moonshine at Bootleggers will forever change your mind about the un-aged distilled corn liquor. First, just think of it as bourbon without the barrel. Then, get a dirt-cheap $5 housemade apple pie moonshine, which, not surprisingly, tastes like apples and cinnamon. More surprisingly, the concoction has a warmth and smoothness to it that makes it as dangerous as it is delicious. If you're feeling noncommittal, you can opt for a moonshine flight and taste the housemade apple pie variety alongside other varieties that incorporate peach, blueberry, blackberry, and other fruity flavors.

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Best Bloody Mary: RnR When we wake up hungover, our go-to remedy is the classic hair of the dog, usually in the form of a tall and extra spicy Bloody Mary. For this treatment, our favorite spot is RnR in Scottsdale. Sunday Funday at this hopping bar and restaurant means bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. And we're not just talking about a glass of tomato juice with a touch of vodka. This place does it right. It pours never-ending glasses of perfectly made Bloody Marys made with tomato juice, spices, vodka, and bacon. That's right. Bacon. You can imagine how popular such a morning-after beverage might be with the party-loving Old Town Scottsdale crowd, so if you want to avoid a long wait, best to get there early.

Best Margarita: Tamarind Margarita at La Santisima La Santisima isn't just about giant, delicious tacos or a salsa bar with more varieties than you can dream of; it's also about the tequila and the aguas frescas. If you're having trouble deciding on which of the two should accompany your spicy meal, why not marry the two into a tamarind margarita? The boozy concoction blends tart, tangy, and pulpy housemade tamarindo aguas and Casadores tequila for a $9 drink you'll be hooked on after your first sip. Just don't get too hooked, because the drink is made only on weekends. You'll just have to wait until then to get your fix. Sorry.

Best Cocktail by the Pitcher: Pitcha of Pimm's at Windsor Just about everybody likes a Pimm's Cup. That's because the gin liqueur-based drink is light and fresh with either lemonade or ginger beer, citrus slices, and cucumber. During brunch at Windsor, you can get all that cocktail goodness super-sized to pitcher quantity for just $5 -- pretty much the most outrageously good deal on cocktails in town. Garnished with fresh mint, the drink is totally refreshing. Unfortunately, it's only on the menu weekends from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., but you can't really expect a deal that good to be available all the time. Plus, Pimm's Cup is a great brunch drink, and a whole pitcher of it means there's maybe even enough to share with your brunch companions.

Best Sangria: Crescent Ballroom You might go to Crescent for the concerts, considering that the Phoenix venue usually gets some of the best local and national acts around. You might go there for the beloved bean and cheese burritos wrapped in La Sonorense tortillas or for $2 tacos on Wednesday during lunch. Whatever the reason, you might want to consider setting down that can of Hamm's or PBR and ordering a glass of house sangria instead. The flavorful blend of red wine, liqueurs, San Pellegrino Aranciata soda, and citrus juice is a great base, but the real secret to this refreshing, fruity drink is the healthy dose of cinnamon added to each batch. Garnished with a cherry and an orange slice and sold for just $5 for a pint, the worst thing about Crescent's sangria is you won't be able to stop at one.

Best Local Beer: San Tan's Mr. Pineapple Nothing says chilling by the pool on a relaxing Saturday afternoon quite like an ice-cold can of Mr. Pineapple. Yes, this San Tan brew now is available for purchase in cans at most local liquor stores and even area Trader Joe's. Though it's not the most complex brew crafted in town, drinkability is the name of the game here, and we've found few who can resist this beer's charm, even after just one sip. With a nice, light wheat beer base and a strong, acidic, and fruity kick of pineapple flavor, Mr. Pineapple definitely isn't a misnomer, although the name is kind of creepy. Don't worry, though, this tasty brew plays nice.

Best Seasonal Beer: Four Peaks' Pumpkin Porter Late summer, Four Peaks employees hear the same question from local beer lovers: "When can I get my hands on a pint of that pumpkin beer?" It might be because this brew's arrival is synonymous with the end of a long, hard heatwave. But there's definitely more to it than that. After all, there's a reason the pumpkin taps (and now even cans) run dry earlier and earlier every year, though the brewery makes more and more every year. The dark, coffee-colored beer is like drinking liquid pumpkin pie. Now that you know about its roasted malt, baking spice, and, of course, pumpkin flavors, make sure to get your stash of this autumn mainstay before it's gone. Because it will be gone. Soon.

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