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St. Francis Hosts Brophy Farm to Table Dinner

St. Francis chef-owner Aaron Chamberlin is hosting a special event on Wednesday, and he doesn't even know what's on the menu yet.


That's because he's waiting to see what kinds of exotic organic produce farmer Patrick Duncan will drop off for his Brophy Farm to Table Dinner.

Chamberlin will cook up a four-course feast ($60 per person, $90 with wine) made with just-picked ingredients, in celebration of that night's blessing of the restaurant, conducted by Father Eddie Reese, SJ, and Father Dan Sullivan, SJ. The president of Brophy College Preparatory and the pastor of the St. Francis Church, respectively, will break bread at the restaurant in observance of the Jesuit "haustas" tradition.

What's the connection between the chef and the priests? Chamberlin named his restaurant after the Brophy family-owned land deed, dated 1936.

We've heard of getting the neighborhood's blessing, but this is really taking it to another level.