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Worst Cooks in America Contestant Kelly (Johnson) LoCascio on Chef Beau, the Show

For the past two Sundays, we've been hooked on Food Network's new show, Worst Cooks in America. Maybe it's because this gem stars local celeb-chef Beau MacMillan. Or the fact there's a contestant from Scottsdale. Or maybe it's just that we all had an Aunt Mildred or Grandpa Joe or heck, Mom or Dad, who managed to scorch ramen noodles and ruin boxed mac n' cheese with ineffable skill.

Scottsdale lawyer Kelly Johnson (now Kelly LoCascio, as she married restaurant owner Michael LoCascio after the show taped) grew up with parents she describes as "phenomenal cooks." Somehow, the cooking genes managed to skip a generation and she ended up as one of the Worst Cooks in America. We caught up with Kelly after she was axed in last week's Episode 2 for not mastering a recipe the chefs erased halfway through the challenge.

How did you land a spot on Worst Cooks in America?

I went to California to audition. I brought an orange-crusted salmon dish. [The Food Network judges] didn't try the fish, which was probably best because not only did I make it but it had to fly there with me. They gave me feedback on what they anticipated was wrong with it.

It was crazy being in a room full of other people who can't cook. I can't say I would've tried anything they cooked!